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This Rhubarb spritz is a real sparkler

Want to celebrate with something simple and oh so festive? Serve up a spritz that sings with the irresistible rhubarb and citrus flavours of Rhubi liqueur.


You love the idea of greeting your guests with a celebration cocktail, but one that’s simple enough to let you keep the finger food and conversation flowing. A spritz is the answer – mix in a wine glass, top with a little fizz, add a slice or wedge of citrus and you’re set. This cocktail may look familiar, but the twist is in the flavour, with rhubarb as well as citrus providing a unique and delicious base for the drink.

How to make a rhubarb spritz

Ingredients (serves 1)

Ice cubes, to serve

30ml Rhubi Mistelle Rhubarb Liqueur

20ml Dolin Dry Vermouth

Wildly Organic Sparkling rosé, to serve

Orange slice or Ruby Red grapefruit wedge, to serve


1. Fill a serving glass with ice. Add the liqueur and vermouth and stir to combine.

2. Top with sparkling rosé. Add an orange slice or grapefruit wedge to serve.

Mistelle is the aperitif on everyone’s lips this season

A French-inspired, Aussie-crafted aperitif in a stylish bottle, Rhubi Mistelle Rhubarb Liqueur will make a bright addition to your festive drink collection. What is mistelle? Usually made in France using apples, pears or grapes, mistelle is an aperitif created from fermented fruit juice and a spirit distilled from the same fruit. This one is made in Victoria from Aussie-grown rhubarb using a process that brings together fermented rhubarb juice, juniper spirit and botanicals including gentian, grapefruit and mandarin skins. It’s also lower in alcohol with 18% ABV. It’s as innovative as you’d expect from co-founders and cocktail experts Evan Stroeve and Tim Philips-Johansson, who dreamed up the drink when they worked together at the world-famous Bulletin Place bar in Sydney.


Want to keep your rhubarb cocktail even more simple? Try adding a splash of Rhubi to a glass of sparkling wine or prosecco, or add premium soda water and a citrus wedge and enjoy the party.

Easy ingredients for great-tasting spritzes

Perfecting the art of the French aperitif hour is easy with Dolin Dry Vermouth. Made in Chambéry in south-eastern France using natural ingredients and quality local wine, it has an appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) label. With citrus and almond aromas and delicate bitterness, it’s ideal on its own or in cocktails.


Need a pink sparkling for entertaining? Pop a bottle of Wildly Organic Sparkling Rosé from South Australia. It’s a well balanced drop with hints of passionfruit, pomegranate and strawberries.