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Local Loves: Hannah Papp-Horvath, 23rd St Distillery

It was crowned Australian Distillery of the Year for 2023 and does creative, craft spirits like no other. Venue manager Hannah Papp-Horvath shares the brand’s story and must-try tipples.


You’ve probably seen 23rd St in the liquor store. The glass bottles are splashed with vibrant visuals by Australian artists – striking enough to make you reach for their vodka, gin or whisky every time. But it’s what’s on the inside that really counts, and the distillery brings together quality Australian ingredients, time-honoured techniques and creative innovation to produce an extensive range of pure spirits and pre-mixed cocktails. It’s also collected a host of international awards (most recently a double gold medal at the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition) and is putting the South Australian town of Renmark on the map. From their Australian Vodka (made from the finest Australian sugarcane molasses) to their perfectly crafted Tropical Gin & Soda, this is a range you have to taste to believe.


What sets 23rd St apart?

It has an outstanding focus and understanding of local ingredients and supports other local businesses throughout the South Australian region. The venue itself provides a multitude of experiences and there are so many ways visitors can enjoy their time at the distillery: gin-blending, cocktail masterclasses, tastings and tours.

What’s the one product everyone needs to try?

The Twenty Third Street Violet Gin. It’s one of our most recognised products and is loved by so many. Made from a native Australian botanical base, this gin is an incredible blend – the star ingredient is the butterfly pea flower which reacts with acidity. Therefore the drink changes colour when you add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime. Did someone say drink and a show?!

Describe your ideal Saturday morning in Renmark?

Start your morning by heading to a cafe along the water and enjoying a locally made coffee. Whilst you sip, stroll along the riverfront and take in those gorgeous rays of sunshine. Set yourself up a morning picnic with locally made treats and finally, cleanse your palate with a 23rd St Distillery tasting.

What’s your favourite local watering hole in Renmark?

23rd St has to be the answer, right?! But  if you’ve spent a day with us already and are looking to venture to another watering hole in the area, we recommend the Woolshed Brewery which has its own fantastic range of locally made beers and lemonades.

What’s one thing that always surprises people about Twenty Third Street?

The rich history of our site. It dates back to over 100 years old and has been the foundation for many successful businesses in the past.

How do you give back to the local community?

The Riverland region is renowned for having a large community focus, and that’s exactly what 23rd St Distillery embraces. We have so many community groups looking for venues for their events and we love to put our hand up to them all.

What’s the best souvenir to bring back from Renmark?

A great story and incredible memories. A bottle of our gin never goes astray, either!

How do you recommend serving your Pomegranate Vodka?

Start with a lot of ice – the more the better. Pour in your 30ml shot and top with 90ml of soda water. Don’t overpour your mixer as you really want to taste the beautiful, rich flavours this vodka has to offer. Finish by garnishing with a slice of fresh orange and sip away under the sun.

What is the product you are most proud of?

Our team here is incredibly proud of our Signature Gin. This was the first gin we ever created and it has certainly stood the test of time. It’s a beautiful mix of 10 different botanicals and a London Dry Style base and has been a gold medallist at many Spirit Awards over the past seven years.

New takes on old classics, courtesy of 23rd St

1. Mulberry Gin

The perfect balance of tart and sweet.

2. Not Your Nanna’s Brandy
Making brandy cool again.

3. Pineapple & Lime Vodka & Soda
A tropical take on the classic mixed drink.