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Meet the Maker: Andy Allen, co-founder, Travla Lager

Want a lager that’s quintessentially Australian, plus lower in alcohol and carbs? That beer is no longer on the horizon thanks to two adventurous Aussie celebs.


Andy Allen first set foot in the food industry when he won series 4 of Masterchef Australia. He now co-hosts the show, sharing hospitality knowledge he’s honed as co-owner of the Three Blue Ducks restaurant in Sydney. Lately, Andy has wandered sideways into the beer world accompanied by his good friend, actor Travis Fimmel (you’ll recognise him from Vikings). The beer-loving duo’s first creation, Travla, has just been released – a mid-strength lager that takes a path away from hyper-local craft beer trends and towards refreshing, Aussie-wide appeal.

You’re better known as a chef than a brewer – how did you get into making beer?

Look, it’s no secret that I love beer and when I like something, I’m always curious. Our head brewer Blake Bowden is a wizard and we’ve got him to thank for creating a top-notch brew. But my years in hospo have given me a good understanding of the beer industry and a half-decent palate. Travis can’t cook to save himself, but he’s creative and has an eye for detail. He’s super grounded and never veers away from the true reason he’s doing something.

What does Travla taste like?

We set out to create a beer that’s easy drinking, but interesting enough to keep you coming back for more. It’s the complete all-rounder – a clean, crisp lager, with mild fruitiness and smooth bitterness. Perfect to drink on arrival before you get stuck into a couple of wines, or even better if you want to sit on a few beers and enjoy a sunny afternoon.

What do you want people to associate Travla with?

Over the last few years, Aussies have fallen in love with our beautiful country all over again. We want Travla to be the beer that looks and tastes like home, no matter where you are in the world.

Why did you decide to make an ultra low carb, low calorie lager?

I think now more than ever, whether it be food or booze, Aussies are conscious of what they’re consuming. In the past low carb has meant low flavour, so our mission was to create a beer that’s better for you, and that actually tastes bloody good. It’s great with lighter style snacks – try it with BBQ prawns with salsa verde.

If you could be enjoying a cold Travla anywhere in Australia right now, where would you be?

Without getting all mushy, I just got married a couple of weeks ago and had the beer at the wedding. Seeing your nearest and dearest with the beer that you and your mates created, having the best time – that’s priceless!