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Dylan Alexander, Melbourne Martini

You can’t start a fire without a spark, and for Melbourne Martini’s Founder and Managing Director Dylan Alexander, it was his passion for espresso martinis.

Having spent years behind the bar, Alexander understood that when it came to consuming cocktails customers were looking for quality products, tasty flavours, and an enjoyable experience.

“That got me thinking, why not make top-quality cocktails in a way that people can enjoy on various occasions: at home, at a party, on vacation, and more, especially when they don’t have the time or energy to make cocktails themselves?” 

Guided by the principles of quality and convenience, Alexander created Melbourne Martini, a collection of ready-to-drink cocktails, canned for convenience and requiring zero prep (unless you count a quick shake).

“With our products, it’s super easy: just shake, pop, and pour into a glass or drink straight from the can. We want to ensure there is no trade-off in taste based on the format the cocktails come in.” 

Among the favourites is their Bar Strength Amaretto Sour – sweet, sour, consistently refreshing thanks to the touch of Australian-grown lemons. 

My ultimate night out in Melbourne always starts at… Neptune Food and Wine. You have to try the Spanner crab pasta and a dirty martini.

The Spotify playlist I always go back to… Sunday Sessions! A curated playlist of laid-back tunes that helps me unwind and boosts my energy levels for the week ahead.

When friends come round to my place I always serve… Fish tacos. I try to fire up the barbeque whenever I get the chance and the Smoked Chilli Margaritas complement the smoky BBQ flavours so well. 

The one Melbourne Martini cocktail I always have in my fridge…  is the Bar Strength Pornstar Martini – this one is for all those who enjoy a fruity cocktail. It’s sweet and sour, crafted with locally distilled vanilla vodka, pure passionfruit, and fresh lime.

I love canned cocktails because… of their incredible taste and unmatched convenience. The seamless ease they offer in unwinding with a quality crafted drink is unparalleled. Moreover, they’re the perfect addition to any social gathering with friends, I love bringing some to share around.

Three things every home bar needs are… Melbourne Martini Bar Strength Cocktail Cans, glassware and ice! 

If The Salted Caramel Espresso Martini was a celebrity, it would be… George Clooney. He alludes charisma and versatility, he can effortlessly navigate different scenarios while appealing to everyone – it’s hard not to like him!

Just as George Clooney leaves a lasting impression on the big screen, our Salted Caramel Espresso Martini captivates the palate with its perfect blend of rich sophisticated flavours with a twist of decadence. 

Our most exciting upcoming product to drop is… a brand collaboration in the works. New product development is one of my passions, and I enjoy connecting with local and iconic Australian businesses and suppliers to create innovative cocktail concoctions. We recently released a Chocolate Negroni with Koko Black just in time for the festive gifting season, so watch this space and see what we come out with next!

And our go-to? The Bar Strength Espresso Can – a modern classic, fusing slow-drip coffee with vodka and a hint of sweetness with a pop of chocolate. Definitely worth stocking the office fridge with these – simply chill, shake and pour and your Friday afternoon is all set.