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Spring beers: The best beers to drink right now

Now’s the time to refresh your beer game with our picks of the best local and international pale ales, lagers and hazies to enjoy this spring.


Spring brings longer days, warmer weather and the chance to wake up your palate after autumn and winter with vibrant and lively craft beers that are just right for sharing outdoors. Pale ales, lagers and hazy pale ales have seen incredible popularity over recent years and it’s little wonder when you realise how well they suit our often-hotter-than-not climate. Here are the top beer styles and specific brews we recommend for sublime springtime drinking.

Best beers to drink in spring: pale ale

Ever popular – and with good reason – the everyday Australian pale ale has roots in the British styles of some 300 years ago but has developed and grown dramatically. Today the category is hop-forward and often has a gold to amber colour with moderate strength. Think of it as bridging the gap between lagers and stouts. Brewers will also experiment with differing hops and often the result can be fruity and tropical, underpinned by an overarching hoppy bitterness.


Brick Lane Wild Sky Zero Carb Pale Ale: A lighter option with just 87 Cals per can and bursting with refreshing melon and citrus flavours, this fun-loving beer is a great way to sign off the week on a Friday with nothing but the weekend ahead of you.


Moffat Beach Brewing Co Passenger Pale Ale: A Sunshine Coast sunset in a can. You’ll discover peach and passionfruit on the palate and likely see from the first sip why this beer has won multiple awards in the last five years. Available in selected QLD stores only


Dangerous Ales Backyard Pale Ale: Backyard by name, backyard by nature. Tropical, citrus notes upfront and crisp on the finish; this sipper is perfect for when the mercury begins to rise. Available in selected NSW/ACT stores only


Fox Friday Pale Ale: Fire up the barbecue and pull out some spicy ribs because this Tasmanian pale ale with hints of grapefruit and a big bitter finish is screaming to be paired with heat and smoke. Available in selected VIC and WA stores only


Beaver Brewery Consultant Pale Ale: A slightly more American-style pale ale, this Top End thirst quencher has an outstanding, careful balance of flavour between Australian hops and a robust malt backbone. Available in selected NT stores only

Best beers to drink in spring: lager

One of the most popular beer styles the world over, lager is light, refreshing and incredibly well suited to warmer weather. More malt-driven than hop-dominated, lagers range in various colours from light gold to amber and right up to dark (almost resembling stout). Working well with various foods, lagers are traditionally paired with curry, seafood, pizza and pasta, plus they’re also perfect to enjoy on their own if you’re having an afternoon session with friends.


8 Wired Brewing Mahu Lager: This German-style lager is brewed in the verdant countryside just north of Auckland, New Zealand. Capturing the spirit of endless sunny days, it’s the kind of beer that combines well with any outdoors setting – just don’t forget the sunscreen and mossie spray.


Bodriggy Lager: Pull out the cricket bat, call up your mates and stick a few of these Melbourne-brewed lagers on ice: Sunday afternoons have never looked so good. And at 4.2% ABV, they’re great for drinking in the sun. Available in selected VIC stores only


Mountain Culture Lager: The brewers at Mountain Culture cleverly purify the water they use to reflect the softer water used in brewing in the Czech Republic. The result is a crisp style lager with nods to Europe but made in the Blue Mountains, NSW. Available in selected NSW and ACT stores only


Vale Brewing Lager: Defined as a new world craft lager, this has good balance, flavour and approachability. Surprising when you learn the combination of German, Australian and New Zealand hops and all their unique complexities. Available in selected SA and NT stores only


Revel New World Lager: As quintessential Queensland as they come and brewed a stone’s throw from the Brisbane River, this beer’s subtle bready and mojito-like flavours lend to fish dishes beautifully. Available in selected QLD stores only


Eagle Bay Wheatbelt Lager: Munich malts from WA’s Wheatbelt region and Eagle Bay rainwater converge to bring you a sessionable lager that travels well and drinks even better. Available in selected WA stores only

[H2]Best beers to drink in spring: hazy pale ale

Fan of pale ales but not scared of taking things up a notch? Hazy pale ales take this much-loved blueprint and bolster things with more intense – often fruit – flavours, greater hop aromas, stronger ABVs and smoother, creamier mouthfeels. All up, they generally have a lot more going on. However, for those who enjoy burlier drinks, or don’t mind one now and then, these beers still have tropical leanings and suit warmer outdoor scenarios to a tee.


Behemoth Brewing Learn To Fly Hazy Pale Ale: From small beginnings to being a multi-awarded brewery, this Auckland-brewed hazy pale walks the line of being ultra-hoppy but super sessionable at the same time.


Parrotdog Greyhound Low Carb Hazy: Here’s a great tasting low carb alternative for hazy pale ale fans keeping an eye on their calorie intake. Fewer carbohydrates but plenty of citrus flavour and the driest of finishes.


Waitoa Dayglow Hazy IPA: A sessionable hazy with juicy passionfruit, grapefruit and lime notes, this 100% New Zealand made beer is a must-try.


Uraidla Pale Ale: The third instalment in an ever-popular seasonal pale ale series, this unfiltered quaffer packs hints of orange sherbet and pineapple. Available in selected SA stores only


Yulli’s Clarence Hazy Pale Ale: Yulli’s regularly releases fun-filled and character-inspired beers, so expect no less with this one. The Clarence is a top-notch Australian hazy pale with a refreshing finish. Available in selected NSW and ACT stores only


Pirate Life Hazy Pale: Packing a slightly stronger punch and brimming with mandarin and mango flavours, this is a serious beer for unserious situations. Open around friends and enjoy. Available in selected SA and NT stores only


Green Beacon Subtropic Low Carb Hazy Pale Ale: At less than 100 calories per can, these delicious numbers are as guilt-free as they are tasty. With 70% fewer carbohydrates, why not try this beside pizza or pasta for your next Friday night takeaway? Available in selected QLD stores only


Products featured are available from 11/10/23 to 14/11/23, while stocks last. Some products or varieties featured may not be available in all stores.