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The Scottish Brewery Giving Aussie Beer A Run For Its Money

When two beer-loving Scotsmen decided to give home brewing a crack back in 2007, they didn’t think their experiment would evolve into a multinational venture.   

But fast forward 16 years — and millions of hectolitres of beer later — and BrewDog is one of the world’s most prolific craft breweries.

Having landed in Australia in 2017, BrewDog quickly established itself as a tongue-in-cheek brewery on the banks of the Brisbane River — or the Brown Snake, as it’s affectionately known to the BrewDog team — that wasn’t afraid to push the boundaries, in craft beer and otherwise. 

With brick-and-mortar establishments dotted along Australia’s east coast from Queensland to Melbourne (and soon, Perth), BrewDog’s no-nonsense breweries and experimental beers are fixtures of the country’s craft scene. While a visit to one of the company’s breweries promises great beer, a good feed and generally excellent vibes in equal measure, you can still experience BrewDog’s signature beers without leaving your place, courtesy of Vintage Cellars. 

Stocking five of the brewery’s best-selling beers — Elvis Juice, Session Brisbane Lager, Cold Beer Crisp Pale, Brown Snake Hard Ginger Beer, and Hazy Jane — getting your hands on a can of award-winning craft beer couldn’t be easier. Among the faves from their stable is the summer must-have that’s a lockbuster of a beer, Hop Fiction Hazy Pale Ale. If you’re yet to dip your toe in the craft beer realm, get started with BrewDog’s Crisp Pale Ale — a light, simple ale with a slight tropical fruitiness that makes it easy to drink and impossible to dislike. Best served ice cold in the summer sun.