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Meet 3 Characters of Australian Brewing

Australia has a long history with beer. In fact, it’s the nation’s most consumed alcoholic beverage. But which current makers should you know about this year? And why isn’t it important to know the story behind the label? We’ve taken a look at some top brewers you can find at Vintage Cellars.

Which current makers should you know about this year? We’ve taken a look at some top brewers around the country.

Warren Pawsey, Head Brewer at Furphy

In 2014, Head Brewer Warren Pawsey launched Furphy with just a few taps in Geelong. Now it’s a phenomenon across Australia – even growing 300 per cent year-on-year. Warren’s drive (and the quality of the beer, of course) has led to Furphy transforming from just a small-town operation, to being in high demand nationally in less than a year.

While he was studying microbiology, Warren’s tutors were all home brewers. This planted a seed in his head that led to his first brewing job, a year out of uni. This love of science and Victorian ingredients combines to make a truly distinctive beer, using locally-sourced hops and malt for an unmistakable Australian flavour. The character of Geelong is present in every sip. Warren says it best: “Furphy is like the people I’ve met in Geelong: welcoming and easy-going. You could happily spend an afternoon with both!”

Will Irving, Product Innovation Brewer at Feral Brewing

Feral Brewing is about casting aside conventional ways of thinking and embracing a spirit of rebellion. You can only run a brewery like that if you’re a bit eccentric yourself – and Head Brewer Will Irwing fits the bill.

Described as a class clown growing up, Will hasn’t lost the bad jokes, but it’s now complemented by a can-do attitude and boundless energy. Feral Brewing Founder, Brendan Varis, taught Will practical brewing skills and helped him channel his energy into making great beer.

So what does the unconventional brewer do when he’s finished producing craft beer for the day? Will says he likes to play with the geese that roam the Swan Valley grounds. Here’s a maker that will always keep you guessing!

Oscar McMahon, Co-founder and Brewer at Young Henrys

Many people claim to come up with winning ideas while enjoying a drink at a bar, but few actually manage to bring it to life. Amazingly, this is exactly how Young Henrys was born. One night, meeting at opposite sides of the bar, Oscar McMahon and Richard Adamson connected over a dream to challenge the Sydney beer scene with a different product. Oscar knew the hospitality industry and Richard knew how to brew beer – a perfect partnership was born.

There’s something poetic about the seeds of Young Henrys being planted at a local? “I love the whole Australian culture around beer as a celebration and pubs as a meeting point,” says Oscar. After organising a beer appreciation club where they could judge what the modern drinker really wanted, they started submitting development applications to start their dream brewery. This finally came in fruition in 2012. They found an industrial warehouse space in Newtown; got a few friends together to buy a small brewing kit and Young Henrys was born.

No matter your preference, there’s an Australian beer to suit every palate and time of year. Visit your local Vintage Cellars for specific, local recommendations.

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