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Beer spotlight: Mountain Culture Status Quo

Get to know the Blue Mountains craft beer that’s just taken the title of GABS Hottest 100 Champion of 2022.

Australia is no stranger to craft beer, but some brews stand head and shoulders above the rest. Sorting the good from the great is no easy task, which is why the GABS Hottest 100 is so important. In a nutshell it’s the biggest and most influential poll in Australian craft beer, a national ranking system determined by the people which reveals consumer trends, firm favourites, and the breweries making their mark on the Aussie population.


Mountain Culture Status Quo Pale Ale has been dubbed GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beer Champion of 2022. Heavy on hops with a rich tropical flavour, the New England pale ale was brewed by husband and wife team DJ and Harriet McCready who are based in the Blue Mountains. The duo welcomed Mountain Culture in 2017, the region’s first brewpub, one with its own burgeoning array of beers.

“We’re still processing it – it doesn’t feel real!” say DJ and Harriet of their win. “We were hoping to be in the top 50, maybe top 30, so to be number one was mind blowing! When we opened Mountain Culture, our goal was simple – to brew beer people enjoyed drinking. That’s why the GABS win is so rewarding – there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing people are enjoying what you’re creating.”

Discover the GABS Hottest 100 champion craft beer

Status Quo’s tropical twist on the traditional is part of its appeal, and what helped it to stand out from the rest of the market. “We wanted to create a beer that was different to what the rest of the pack was doing,” DJ and Harriet explain. “We saw how interested the early adopters of the craft beer scene were in the NEIPA style and we wanted to take that and put it into a more approachable format.”


“It was the first New England style pale ale in the country. We were using really modern brewing techniques to extract high hop characteristics without creating bitterness in a pale ale format. This makes Status Quo a super-charged can of flavour and aroma, but with its lower ABV, it’s a very approachable and palatable beer.”

Mountain Culture’s Status Quo Pale Ale is a juicy twist on the traditional pale ale. The first New England-style pale ale made in Australia is a blend of American hop varieties with a truly tropical flavour and hazy appearance.


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