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Beer Spotlight – Terrific Tinnies

Meet the cool new canned beer on the brewery block. It looks arty, tastes crafty and sounds Aussie.

Summer is here and in Australia that means enjoying a cold beer. For a long time, canned beers, aka “tinnies”, were looked down upon by beer connoisseurs. But times have changed. Flavour’s back and it doesn’t get much better than these brand-new Tinnies.

Tinnies was born in a Melbourne laneway, between the arcade fires and graffiti walls, milk crate seats, and a cacophony of city sounds. Brewed with the spirit of “quality in a can”, Tinnies was created to be a striking, no-nonsense, straight-talking, easy-drinking craft beer, made for discerning Aussie beer lovers, each with its own unique taste profile.

A few facts about this new beer brand

First, the provenance of the barley and the hops reflects similar sensibilities to the philosophy of wine and region. The farmers of these hops and barley build the Tinnies beer ecosystem in partnership with the master brewers. Each of the hops provides distinctive aromas for each of the beers, reflecting the terroir from which they come.

Second, the artwork that appears on all ranges of Tinnies is highly inspired. The Pale Ale represents the moving tides of the brewery pipelines, while the design of the Session IPA represents the sensorial experience when drinking this perfect beer.

The Tinnies Tropical XPA provides a wacky glimpse of the brilliant eccentricity of expert illustrator and creator Alex Lehours, who designed his vision of what this flavoursome beer would look like if it was a work of art. With three styles to choose from, Tinnies is your beer of choice for this summer season and throughout Christmas.

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