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The Award Winners Under $30 You Need to Know

Finding a great wine isn’t always easy, but finding a good wine that won’t break the bank? Now that’s a real challenge.

This is exactly why at this year’s
Best Of Wine Awards, our panel of industry experts were tasked with the daunting responsibility of picking five value bottles that you would be proud to whip out at a barbecue, dinner party or BYO restaurant.

Keen to give these affordable winners a whirl? Here we tell you exactly how to enjoy them, and which one might be your secret weapon to becoming everybody’s favourite guest. 

BEST BOLDER RED UNDER $30: Ring Bolt Cabernet Sauvignon 

You know your father-in-law who loves to uncork a full-bodied, beautiful, rich red at Sunday dinner? This spicy, oaky Cab Sav from the Margaret River will impress him. 

BEST LIGHTER RED UNDER $30: Rapaura Springs Reserve Pinot Noir

Like to have an easy-drinking and affordable red on hand just in case discerning drinkers drop in unannounced? Keep this in the cupboard and serve with a wheel of baked camembert and your fanciest crackers. 

BEST SPARKLING UNDER $30: Brown Brothers Brut Reserve

An ideal pairing for shellfish, this can be your celebratory BBQ go-to (think: engagements, Easter and any time oysters and prawns will be on the menu), thanks to its edge of preserved lemon, and clean and bright bubbles.

BEST BOLDER WHITE UNDER $25: Petaluma White Label Chardonnay

The old-school, buttery quality of this chardonnay makes it great for pairing with sushi. Bring it to your favourite Japanese BYO restaurant and ask them to keep it ice-cold in the fridge. 

BEST LIGHTER WHITE UNDER $25: Jim Barry ‘Barry & Sons’ Riesling

Jim Barry has become the benchmark for quality in dry Riesling wines of Australia. If you want to impress the Riesling-lover in your life (while not breaking the bank) this is the bottle to do it with.