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Your Guide to Organic, Gluten-Free, Low and No Alcohol Drinks

There’s been something of a transformation going on at many distilleries, wineries and breweries over the past few years, and it’s good news for planet-conscious drinkers who are seeking organic, gluten-free or non-alcoholic drinks. Let’s explore some of these beverages that you can enjoy with friends.

Organic, biodynamic, gluten-free and preservative-free wines, beers and spirits – made with fewer or no chemicals – are on the rise. Hop Nation is one of many breweries offering a 100 per cent organic beer with its Organic Lager, made using organically grown hops and malt, with no added preservatives.


Organic alcohol is made from ingredients grown on organic farms, and processed in organic distilleries, so when you’re drinking organic alcohol, you can be sure the product and its ingredients are free from pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals. And the good news is that the lack of these components means that organic alcohol is better for the environment, too. Australia’s first certified organic pink gin, Antipodes Pink Gin, even has certified carbon neutral credentials for a clean, ethically sound statement.

Going organic these days doesn’t mean having to walk away from your usual drink selection – there is so much choice that you’re bound to find a new favourite without having to wander too far from home. New Zealand’s Allan Scott has added an Organic Sauvignon Blanc option to complement its classic Estate range of Marlborough wines, for example.

And in case you were wondering, organic wine tastes the same. In fact, some converts even claim that it has a smoother flavour. Try the Handpicked Organic DOC Prosecco if you need evidence of that!

If you’re looking to take an active lifestyle one step further, there is now a fast-growing range of low and non-alcoholic drinks. Where once stood the lonely OJ or mineral water, the waiter’s tray is laden with refreshing non-alcoholic spirits, beers and ready-mixed drinks.

One of Handpicked’s top five best sellers in 2019, this crisp and refreshing sparkling white wine is certified organic and has beautiful acidity, balance and finesse. It goes nicely with fresh seafood, sashimi and hard Italian cheese. If you are vegan (the wine is!), it’s perfect paired with almond-stuffed mushrooms.


Allan Scott Organic Sauvignon Blanc, Nelson NZ


An addition to the Allan Scott range for wine lovers who prefer to choose an organic wine. A pale straw colour and lean, elegant and delicately herbaceous aroma lead to a palate where notes of citrus, lemon sherbet and nettle are complemented with a pleasant minerality.


Hop Nation Organic Lager

Just in time for the warmer weather comes this certified organic lager. Using organically grown hops and malt, with no added preservatives, it gives a subtle floral hop aroma and a mild bitterness. It’s crisp, clear and refreshing.


Antipodes Pink Gin

Infused with Kakadu plum to give a new level of citrus dimension, and strawberry gum for an extra berry burst. Ruby red grapefruit and pepper berries add another layer of complexity and some luscious pink tang. Enjoy it on the rocks or with tonic.


Yangarra Old Vine Grenache, McLaren Vale

Grown on a 100 per cent biodynamic estate, this wine has an earthy, spicy and fresh cherry fruit aroma. This biodynamic wine is light to medium weight and supple with fruit sweetness and charm. On the palate, expect complexity and elegance with a trademark tannin structure.


Cullen Mangan Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, Margaret River

The maritime climate, rocky soils and biodynamic farming practices all help to create individual and diverse wine styles that are unique to Cullen. This organic certified wine has that extra layer of complexity and texture on the palate, and many consider it to be WA’s premier classic dry white.


Vinuva Nero d’Avola, Sicily Italy

This organic wine is true expression of Sicily, a region blessed with consistently bright sunshine. It shows a deep ruby red colour and a corresponding bouquet of black fruit and spices. The taste is extraordinarily round and velvety. (Not available in SA.)


Vinuva Pinot Grigio, Sicily Italy

Vinuva pinot grigio is a crispy and fruity organic wine. It preserves the pear and citrus aromas of the grape grown on the hills in Sicily, and is characterised by citrus notes, tropical fruit flavours and well-balanced acidity. (Not available in SA.)


Belsazar Dry Vermouth

Belsazar is being called Europe’s ‘hippest new vermouth’. Unlike its Italian predecessors, Belsazar hails from Germany’s Black Forest, perhaps better known for its eponymous gateau. The secret mix of grapes and summer fruit brandy in the rosé is fantastically refreshing as a lower alcohol aperitif.


Somma Cucumber & Mint Alcoholic Mineral Water

This lightly sparkling Australian mineral water is a thirst-quenching summer spritz with refreshing flavours of cucumber and mint. It’s sugar-free, low carb, vegan and gluten-free with no artificial flavours or colours. Delicious over ice.


Seedlip Grove 42 Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit

A zesty and complex citrus-forward blend of orange and uplifting spice. This non-alcoholic, zero calorie, sugar and sweetener-free drink has orange and mandarin peel top notes, with juicy blood orange undertones that open up to a stalky, grassy character. Enjoy this non-alcoholic drink with tonic water and a twist of orange peel.


Peroni Libera

The newest addition to the family, Peroni Libera 0.0% delivers a crisp and refreshing taste with none of the alcohol. This non-alcoholic beer has a rich and intense aroma, and flavours of citrusy and hoppy notes, followed by a fine bitterness and a fast, clean finish.


Hahn Ultra Crisp

This great tasting beer is a well-crafted lower carb option. It’s 99 per cent sugar-free, preservative-free and gluten-free to boot. It is brewed with a revolutionary new process using rice instead of wheat or barley to create a cleaner, crisper beer


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