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Warm weather wines you need to know

Enjoying a refreshing drink alfresco on a balmy afternoon is basically a summer rite of passage. What better way is there to embrace the dwindling number of hot, luxuriously lazy summer days?

While spritzes and ice-cold beers have long held the limelight as warm weather sips of choice, wines are just as suited for drinking in peak summertime heat. Mineral rieslings, crisp rosés, aligotés brimming with notes of tropical fruit — tell us you can’t see yourself cracking into one of these on a summer’s afternoon.

In the spirit of trying new things, we’ve rounded up six wines made for summer drinking, from sparkling to pet nat and even a red. It’s time to rethink your summer drink. 

Yering Station Into The Valley Rosé 750mL

It’s a rosé summer, or so says the team at Yering Station. Their Into The Valley rosé conjures up visions of running through a sweetly scented stone fruit orchard at dusk. Tannins offer the drop a slight body, which is tempered with a sweetness reminiscent of red berries and cherries. Best enjoyed icy cold in the aforementioned stone fruit orchard. 

Enjoy it with: a caprese salad (hint: go light on the tomatoes, heavy on the nectarines).

Second Glance Pet Nat 750mL

You might be holidaying at home this summer, but one sip of Second Glance’s Pet Nat will transport you to the sandy shores of some far-flung island. Tropical fruit like passionfruit and mango take centre stage while floral notes of rosewater and Turkish delight assume the role of supporting act. A slight fizz rounds things out for a funky take on a summer spritz. 

Enjoy it with: fish and chips, al fresco.

Wildly Organic Sparkling NV 750mL

Vino can be virtuous, as proven by Wildly’s no-nasties sparkling. Made without pesticides and added sugars, this easy-to-drink bubble also happens to be vegan friendly. Virtuosity aside, Wildly’s sparkling is citrusy and fresh, with crunchy green apple notes and a light fizz that makes it a wine to be drunk in the garden if ever there was one. 

Enjoy it with: oysters (of course).

Leeuwin Estate Art Series Riesling 750mL

If zippiness and minerality are your thing, try Leeuwin Estate’s Art Series riesling. Finger lime meets grapefruit and lemon sherbet for an initial offering of zestiness in spades, countered by a savouriness reminiscent of coriander seed and Thai basil. Serve it alongside a crunchy, sweet-and-sour Vietnamese noodle salad and prepare to become the summer host with the most. 

Enjoy it with: a fresh-feeling Vietnamese salad. 

Sandy Bay Estate Tasmania Pinot Noir 750mL

Whoever told you red wine ought to be reserved for winter had clearly never enjoyed a glass of Sandy Bay Estate’s Tasmania pinot noir in the summer sun. Tangy red currant acidity gives this wine a freshness that makes it particularly good alongside more robust summer fare — think sticky barbecued pork with a fresh and crunchy slaw or herby Thai-inspired chicken wings. 

Enjoy it with: sticky barbecued pork with a fresh and crunchy slaw.

Devil’s Corner Pinot Noir 750mL

Summer may well have been the inspiration behind this pinot noir from Tasmanian winery Devil’s Corner. Summer fruits like black cherries and raspberries offer a sweetness and heady perfume reminiscent of a late season berry harvest, while tanginess and acidity mean it’s sharp enough to stand up to the richer meat dishes you might be whipping up this summer.

Enjoy it with: a simple steak and greens.