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Our Twisted Ginger Gin & Tonic is No Ordinary G&T

Made with award-winning Pure Origin, this gin and tonic upgrade tastes fresh and spicy thanks to a dash of cordial, a squeeze of OJ and a twist of citrus rind.


Gin and tonic is a classic for good reason – it’s hard to go past the traditional mix when you want a refreshing and satisfying sip. But for those times you fancy a change from the tried-and-tested formula, reach for this four-ingredient recipe with a fragrant twist of zesty citrus and ginger. It’s a sure-fire crowd pleaser to get the party started, or just to swirl and savour as the sun goes down.

How to make Twisted Ginger Gin & Tonic

Ingredients (serves 1)

45ml Pure Origin Tasmanian Dry Gin

20ml orange juice

10ml ginger cordial

Ice cubes, to serve

Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic water, to serve

Orange rind, to decorate


  1. Place the gin, orange juice and ginger cordial in a serving glass. Add ice cubes and stir to combine.

  2. Top with tonic water and decorate with orange rind to serve.

Add this easy gin and tonic recipe to your repertoire

It may be that you don’t really need a recipe for gin and tonic, unless it’s to make sure you get that spirit-to-mixer ratio just right. Like all the great drinks, a good gin and tonic is worth taking your time over, whether it’s choosing the perfect gin, adding fresh lemon or lime, or trying different tonics until you find your favourite. Here’s where this gin and tonic with a twist comes in. Orange and ginger share the same spicy and citrusy flavour profile, so we’ve teamed them with Tasmanian dry gin to create a playful and refreshing twist on the traditional G&T. Any tonic will work, but delicate-tasting Mediterranean tonic is our pick thanks to the hints of rosemary and lemon thyme that complement the citrus flavours. If you don’t have ginger cordial handy, you could try making an orange and ginger cocktail by swapping the tonic for ginger beer.

Get some TG in your G&T (Tasmanian gin, that is)

Pure Origin Tasmanian Dry Gin is distilled the traditional way in a Tasmanian-made all-copper pot for a clean, fresh taste. The classic notes of juniper and herbs along with subtle floral aromas helped it win Silver in the Gin category at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It’s a great choice in a classic gin and tonic or for making a fresh and zesty twist on the original like we have.