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Love creamy cocktails? Try our choc-mint white Russian

Choc-mint Baileys stars in this extra creamy twist on the traditional coffee liqueur and vodka cocktail that’s perfect for Easter entertaining.


When Easter rolls around, caution and calories tend to be thrown to the wind. This is a celebration of family and of chocolate (of course), which for adults, means a chance to embrace a choc-laden cocktail (or three). As if the white Russian cocktail wasn’t luscious enough, our Easter take on the creamy tipple sees it embrace a generous splash of mint chocolate Baileys liqueur and rich espresso liqueur to boot. For extra oomph when it comes to presentation, drip in the liqueur last for an indulgent swirl effect.

How to make a choc-mint white Russian

Ingredients (Serves 1)


2-3 tbs white choc hard-set topping (optional – see tip)

20ml Haku vodka

40ml pouring (pure) cream

30ml Baileys Australian River mint chocolate

20ml Antipodes Espresso Liqueur

Ice cubes, to serve




1. Squeeze the topping into the base of a short serving glass. Quickly swirl to coat halfway up the side of the glass. Place in the freezer to set.

2. Fill prepared serving glass with ice cubes. Pour vodka and cream into the glass. Top with the Baileys and espresso liqueur. Serve immediately.


TIP: If hard-set topping is unavailable, use 50g white choc melts, melted. Alternatively,  garnish the cocktail with 20g coarsely grated white chocolate.

(Not) from Russia with love

The white Russian drink is most recently synonymous with legendary Coen Brothers movie character The Dude from The Big Lebowski who has a penchant for the creamy tipple. But while you may assume that it’s Russian by name, Russian by nature, you’d be wrong – the drink landed its name simply because of the vodka present. It’s a variation of the Black Russian, which mixes coffee liqueur with vodka and was born back in 1949. While the White Russian sees the introduction of heavy cream (or even milk) thrown into the mix, the basis remains (of course) vodka. Venture beyond Europe to Japan and give the emerging premium market a taste – we’ve used Haku Vodka, distilled from Japanese white rice.

Sweeten the deal with these white Russian ingredients

Plenty of us are familiar with Baileys, the alcoholic Irish cream liqueur that’s enjoyed poured over ice cream or sipped solo. But the brand has expanded its range of flavours in recent years, introducing the Baileys Australian River Mint & Chocolate, the same velvety drink with the inclusion of mint which adds an extra layer of intrigue to your cocktail of choice. The same goes for Antipodes Espresso Liqueur, which packs a punch when it comes to flavour. Courtesy of Australia’s first certified organic and carbon-neutral distillery, this spirit is a combo of triple-distilled, charcoal-filtered spirit with sustainable coffee beans.


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