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Go for goodness with a Kombucha Mule cocktail

Add a touch of wellness to your cocktail routine with an alternative to the Moscow mule that makes use of fermented tea, otherwise known as kombucha.


The Moscow mule has been a favourite on cocktail lists since the 1940s when a mix of vodka and home-brewed ginger beer was served at New York’s Chatham Hotel. It’s a favourite summer drink, fizzy, refreshing and a little bit spicy, thanks to the ginger beer. This adaptation replaces everyone’s favourite ginger-flavoured soft drink with kombucha.

How to make a Kombucha Mule cocktail

Ingredients (serves 2)

120ml Pure Origin Tasmanian Vodka

40ml lime juice

Ice cubes, to serve

Ginger lemon kombucha or ginger-flavoured mixer, to serve

Lime wheel, to serve



1. Add the vodka and lime juice to a copper mule mug or highball serving glass. Top with ice.

2. Fill the glass with kombucha or ginger mixer and stir with a bar spoon to gently mix. Garnish with lime.

Why make a cocktail with kombucha

Kombucha has been consumed in China, Japan and Eastern Europe for centuries. This fermented tea, with its light fizz, has a sweet-and-sour flavour, which makes it the perfect replacement for ginger beer in a mule. In recent times, it has become popular because it contains probiotics and antioxidants. Plus, it has a much lower sugar content than both soft drinks and juices, so makes for a healthy option in cocktails. Some people call it the ‘tea of immortality’, so drinking more of it can only be good for you, right? Most varieties of kombucha available in Australia offer ginger as one of the flavours, but you might also like to experiment with others, like watermelon or apple, to give you a completely different drink, but one that’s equally refreshing on a hot day. The best thing is that if you want to go classic, just switch out the kombucha for a good-quality ginger beer, like the one from Fever Tree or Bundaberg Ginger Beer.

Kick your mule off right with a good vodka

Like all cocktails, a kombucha mule tastes better with a quality base spirit. Try Pure Origin Tasmanian Vodka, a handcrafted, small-batch drop made using pure spring water from the slopes of Hobart’s Mount Wellington. It is crisp and clean with notes of citrus and cracked peppercorns, which makes it a perfect partner for the kombucha. Judges named it the winner of the Australian vodka category in our 2023 Best of White Spirits Awards.

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