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Sip on a sophisticated Mulberry Clover Club cocktail

Autumnal flavours of blackcurrant and mulberry mingle in a layered twist on the traditional Clover Club cocktail, a sour tipple born back in 1908.


Pretty in pink is an apt description of this Mulberry Clover Club cocktail. Despite its rosy hue, it wasn’t a drink dreamt up with the ladies in mind. Instead, this tipple was born in a Philadelphia gentlemen’s club pre-Prohibition. Traditionally this drink was sweetened with either grenadine or raspberry syrup, hence its electric pink colouring. But this Mulberry Clover Club cocktail recipe introduces a sophisticated new layer to the drink, with the mulberry gin and blackcurrant deepening the flavour and adding bold autumnal hues.

How to make a Mulberry Clover Club cocktail

Ingredients (Serves 1)

15ml blackcurrant juice syrup

15ml lemon juice

45ml 23rd Street Mulberry Gin

1 egg white

Ice cubes, to serve

Blackberries or mulberries, to serve



1. Place the blackcurrant juice syrup, lemon juice, gin and egg white in a cocktail shaker. Shake for 30 secs. Add ice cubes and shake until well combined and chilled.

2. Strain the mixture into a coupe glass. Thread blackberries or mulberries onto a cocktail skewer and arrange on the cocktail to garnish.

Step back in time with this Clover Club cocktail recipe

Retro cocktails are predicted to be a huge trend of 2023, with gin cocktails in particular expected to garner plenty of attention. This gin-naissance, of course, includes the Clover Club cocktail. Historically, this shaken tipple consists of a mingling of gin, lemon juice, raspberry syrup (or grenadine) and egg white that was enjoyed by a men’s group that met regularly at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia between the 1880s and the 1920s. Its use of raw egg eventually saw the cocktail fall out of favour in the 1950s, but don’t fall prey to the same fear – egg white simply adds velvety creaminess to a cocktail and creates the thick foam head. In fact, some consider egg whites in cocktails on par with making a meringue (see, not that scary!).

The secret ingredient of this Mulberry Clover Club cocktail

As its name suggests, this Mulberry Clover Club cocktail recipe would be incomplete without the tasty presence of mulberry gin. Marry it with a splash of blackcurrant syrup and you have an autumnal interpretation of the traditional, one that adds extra depth of flavour and leans in to the rising popularity of flavoured gins on the market. We’ve embraced 23rd Street Mulberry Gin for this Clover Club cocktail recipe, a richly purple spirit with a full juicy palate that introduces both berry sweetness and herbal complexity. The flavour comes courtesy of fresh mulberries, harvested seasonally, that are introduced to pure cane sugar spirit already infused with juniper and Riverland orange zest.

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