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The 6 Christmas cocktails you need to make this year

Want to create cocktail magic at every event you’re hosting this season? Stock up on the right spirits and get ready to mix, pour and enjoy with these recipes.


Christmas cocktails come in all shapes, sizes and flavours but one thing’s for sure – they’re guaranteed to take your festive entertaining to the next level. These 6 new cocktail recipes are our gift to you – which one will you try first?

Pink gin & pomegranate punch

This big-batch cocktail is made with Antipodes pink gin, pink sparkling wine and cranberry and pomegranate juice, then finished with pomegranate seeds, lemon slices and mint sprigs. Its festive colour and fresh flavour is a great choice if you have mezze-inspired dishes on your entertaining menu.

Coffee margarita

Keep all your margarita and espresso martini loving guests entertained by mixing up our zesty coffee cocktail using Vivir Cafe VS Blanco Tequila. With its salt rim and dried lime garnish, it gets the best-dressed vote before you’ve even taken a sip and realised how good it tastes.

Rhubarb spritz

So you want to serve something as simple as a spritz, but it still has to be special – it is Christmas, after all. Our easy Rhubarb spritz recipe is the answer. Once you’ve used Rhubi liqueur in this delicious twist on the classic aperitivo, you’ll probably want to experiment with rhubarb versions of all your favourite drinks.

Summer pineapple punch

What do you get when you take Japanese vodka and give it a coconut and pineapple tiki-style makeover? This summer pineapple punch – a refreshingly retro big batch cocktail that’s easy to make and sure to please all party-goers. It’s refreshingly simple too, as the only spirit you need is a bottle of Haku Vodka.

Watermelon tequila-politan

Getting playful with cocktail recipes is part of the fun of the party season, so why not join in with this twist on two classics. It’s an irresistible cosmo-meets-margarita creation with extra summer fruit flavour thanks to El Sueno Watermelon liqueur.

Gingerbread rum spritzer

Spicy, sweet and refreshing, this gingerbread inspired cocktail has premium Appleton Estate 15YO Black River Casks Rum from Jamaica as its base. All you need to do is muddle the rum with lime, ginger and cinnamon sticks and top it up with good-quality ginger beer.