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Meet your new drinking buddy, the Old Irish Pal Spritz

The Old Irish Pal Spritz embraces the same Campari and vermouth base as your favourite aperitif the Negroni, but throws in Irish whiskey for a robust winter cocktail.


Have a soft spot for a Negroni? You’re not alone. The Italian aperitif is the opening and closing drink of choice for millions globally on a night out (or in), and who can blame them. The bittersweet cocktail is so loved it’s spawned dozens of iterations on its original recipe of Campari, sweet vermouth and gin. Including this twist on a twist – the Old Irish Pal Spritz. A heartier rendition of the Negroni, it takes props from the Old Pal cocktail, swapping the sweet vermouth for dry, and introducing Irish whiskey. But it’s not all bold flavours when it comes to this cosy pal for the cold weather – there’s also a dash of soda to lighten the load.

How to make an Old Irish Pal Spritz

Ingredients (serves 1)

20ml The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey

20ml Campari Aperitif

20ml Cinzano Dry Vermouth

Ice cubes, to serve

Chilled soda water, to serve

Lemon peel, to serve

1. Place the whiskey, Campari and vermouth in a stirring jug. Add ice cubes and stir until chilled.

2. Strain the mixture evenly into coupe glass and top with soda. Twist lemon peel over each drink and add to the glasses to garnish.

So, you want to know more about the Old Irish Pal Spritz?

You’ll need your bar cart armed and ready with three key ingredients for the Old Irish Pal Spritz – Campari, dry vermouth and Irish whiskey. Since its birth in 1860, Campari has been winning hearts worldwide thanks to its winning formula of bittersweet flavour and ruby red hue. The Old Irish Pal Spritz also leans on dry vermouth, one like Cinzano Dry Vermouth, which is a go-to for cocktails thanks to its light and bright herby notes and just as tasty on its lonesome. And of course there’s no Old Irish Pal without some Irish whiskey. The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey is an award-winning triple-distilled whiskey. Its smooth taste, with notes of chocolate, dried fruit and spice, boost the richness of any cocktail.

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