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This choc-orange Easter Negroni is a dream for the jaffa fan

Love bittersweet chocolate and orange flavours? Time to whip out a chocolatey Easter twist on the traditional Negroni cocktail.


The mingling of chocolate and orange flavours isn’t for everyone. But for enthusiasts it’s the merging of a power couple – a zesty spin on the traditionally creamy treat. There’s no reason why a love of jaffa can’t be injected into the traditional Negroni recipe, especially around Easter time. After all, it’s generally an indulgent holiday which downright demands a chocolate-themed tipple. In response we’ve dreamt up a Negroni drink that’s the definition of indulgence – the choc-orange Easter Negroni. The secret is the clever chocolate ice cubes that melt through the classic bitter citrus cocktail, infusing it with choc-orange flavour.

How to make a choc-orange Easter negroni

Ingredients (Serves 1)

30ml good-quality chocolate topping

30ml Cinzano Rosso sweet vermouth

30ml Campari

30ml Tanqueray No 10 Gin

Chocolate Easter eggs, to serve



1. Combine chocolate topping and 2/3 cup (160ml) water in a jug. Fill 2 holes of a large 80ml ice cube tray and freeze for 6 hours or overnight, or until firm.

2. Place ice cubes in a short serving glass. Add vermouth, Campari and gin and stir to combine. Serve immediately topped with Easter eggs.

Why Campari is numero uno of the Negroni ingredients

The base ingredients for Negroni must include Campari. Born back in 1860 in Italy’s Milan, a city synonymous with style, it’s not surprising that the drink has become one woven into Italian culture. An iconic ruby red in hue and bittersweet in flavour it’s said that the recipe of this aperitif has never changed even after all these years – and why should it when it’s this tasty on the tongue. Expect to find the likes of cherry and rhubarb among its flavour.

The best vermouth for Negroni

No Negroni is complete without the presence of vermouth. A fellow Italian that’s (impressively) even older than Campari, making its way into the market in the mid 1700s. This fortified wine is flavoured with a motley crew of botanicals and available in a duo of categories – dry and the Negroni-favouring sweet vermouth like Cinzano Spr Rosso Sweet Vermouth, with its hint of vanilla and black cherry.

The best gin for Negroni

If you’re no stranger to the creation story of the Negroni you’ll know that gin is key. In fact it’s the presence of gin which differentiates the Negroni from its original form, the Americano. The story goes that a young Count Camillo Negroni was craving something stronger, so asked to swap the traditional soda water with a splash of gin. It could well have been Tanqueray No. Ten Gin, a spirit created in the 1830s that’s long been loved as a base for cocktails (especially martinis) thanks to its fresh citrus notes.


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