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Best of Beer 2023: SA

Check out South Australia’s leading beers from the 2023 Best of Beer Awards, including local heroes Coopers, Shapeshifter and Little Bang.


If there’s been anything proven by the recent Vintage Cellars Best of Beer Awards it’s that South Australia is a place as fluent in beer as wine. “We were amazed with the standard of products shortlisted for each category. This was a true showcase of the craft and skill Australian breweries possess,” says Vintage Cellars’ Jay Baird of the entries. Meet the nine brews that were the judges’ pick of the crop.

Winner No Alc (0.5% and below) – Vandestreek Grapefruit Non Alcoholic IPA

Tangy grapefruit is the star of the show in this beer, a zesty, non-alcoholic take on the traditionally bitter IPA. Proof that low or zero alcohol offerings are flourishing, this refreshing drink is perfect for a balmy afternoon.

Winner Lager – Tinnies Lager

From a brand inspired by simpler times, this modern beer is an Australian-made take on the classic lager. Think of it as a session beer dreamt up for easy drinking – crisp, clean and smooth.

Winner Summer/Pacific – Tinnies Pacific Ale

Picture a taste of the tropics (or near enough) in this Pacific Ale, a 100% Australian made brew with low bitterness, light bright hops, and a profile rich in the flavours of mango, lychee and pineapple.

Winner Sour – Gweilo Rainbow Sherbet Sour

As its name implies, this Sherbet Sour is an explosion of vibrant flavours and layers. Tangy at its core, the beer tastes of raspberry puree and lemon zest, making for a sharp tangy base, balanced out by a splashing of sweetness.

Winner Ginger Beer – Brookvale Union Low Sugar Ginger Beer

Finally a ginger beer that scrimps on the sugar, but not on the flavour. Brookvale Union’s take on tradition embraces real ginger cream and natural-based products for its spicy (but not too spicy) beer.

Winner XPA – Coopers XPA Can

A strong hop presence has helped Coopers XPA to steal the crown this year. “From the very outset, the purple 375ml can struck a chord with drinkers looking for that extra hop flavour in a beer that’s well balanced and importantly, easy to drink,” says Coopers General Manager Michael Shearer of the bitter drink with citrus undertones.

Winner Pale/Hazy Pale – Shapeshifter Sunshowers California Pale Ale

Light, bright, and crisp can be expected from Shapeshifter’s Pale Ale. Drinkers will be greeted with an eclectic concoction of flavours in this foamy brew – think pine, grapefruit, melon and peach.

Winner IPA/Hazy IPA/NEIPA/IIPA – Little Bang Undercover Fashion Police

Fruit-forward is perhaps the best description for Adelaide’s own Little Bang’s Hazy Pale, which uses a mixture of brewing and wine making equipment across its range. Says creator Ryan Davidson: “We’re super pleased with our new recipe for Undercover Fashion Police, so it’s really nice to see that confirmed by the experts!”

Winner Dark – Tinnies Stout

Smooth operator is an understatement when it comes to this hefty stout, which makes for an amazing evening or after hours treat courtesy of its layers of roasted coffee and smooth chocolate.


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