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Meet The World’s Newest Luxury Tequila

A meticulously made spirit has long been a luxury that has caught the attention of the world’s most discerning drinkers. But while distilled whiskey, cognac and brandy have been steeped in a rich history of opulence and tradition, tequila has yet to receive the five-star treatment. That was, until now.


This year, one of the world’s finest Tequila producers –  Patrón – has cemented its reputation as a purveyor of premium and prestige spirits with the launch of Patrón El Cielo, one of the first luxury tequilas. Crafted using the finest 100% blue agave, the newest member of Patron’s stable of refined silver tequila unlocks the natural sweetness of agave using the highest quality ingredients sourced locally from the rich red soil highlands of Jalisco. The result is a drinking experience that is pure indulgence.


The secret behind El Cielo’s unmatched, ultra-smooth finish is that, despite being one of the largest tequila brands in the world, it remains one of the most artisanal with 1,800 people working at Hacienda del Patrón, its distillery. It’s this team of makers, – led by master distiller David Rodriguez – who conceived the unique, four-time distillation process pioneered by the team at Patron in their pursuit of perfection in every drop. And you can taste the difference, with each sip of El Cielo infused with aromas of vanilla, and black pepper and a hint of spice that feels warm yet still refreshing as it glides gently down your throat.

Whether you’re building the definitive home bar, searching for a gift or want to experience a truly special drink, this is your next spirit to splurge on, and enjoy over ice, or mixed into a margarita during a luxurious, languid summer by the sea.


3 things you should know about Patrón El Cielo:

1. It’s made from 100% ‘Weber Azul’ Agave, hand harvested in the heart of Mexico where jungle-shrouded mountains rise from the sea and agave fields blanket vast rolling hills.

2. It’s the first tequila in the world to be distilled four times, resulting in a smooth-as-silk taste and unrivaled purity.

3. Its natural sweetness means it’s best enjoyed neat or on the rocks (but it can also be used to make a mean margarita).