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The new drink of summer is the Frozen Aperol Margarita

A marg and a Spritz in one – no, you’re not dreaming! This is the mash-up of your favourite drinks in one cooling, coral-coloured cocktail.


At first glance there isn’t an obvious synergy between the Italian-born Aperol Spritz and the zesty Mexican margarita, but give it a little thought and the fusion actually makes perfect sense. Both are refreshing, both are perfect in summer with their citrus flavour profiles, and both are a great way to start a long alfresco lunch. Add the frozen element and you have the perfect summer drink.

How to make frozen margaritas with Aperol

Ingredients (Serves 2):

3 cups ice

120ml Tequila Tromba

60ml Aperol Aperitivo

90ml lime juice

1 orange or Ruby Red grapefruit wedge

1 tbs brown sugar


1. Add the ice, tequila, Aperol and lime juice to a blender and blend until smooth.

2. Place the brown sugar on a small plate. Run the cut side of the orange or grapefruit wedge around the rim of 2 serving glasses, then press into the brown sugar to coat.

3. Spoon the margarita among the prepared glasses.

The Frozen Aperol Margarita origin story

The origin story of the Aperol Spritz has never been in contention. Aperol was invented in Italy in 1919, with the Aperol Spritz following in the 1950s. It was born to provide liquid respite in Italy’s hot summer months. The invention of the frozen margarita, however, is a little less definitive. While Margaritas are a distinctively Mexican sip, the frozen variety seems to have more of a Tex-Mex vibe, being invented in Dallas, Texas. What’s not in dispute, however, is the popularity of both cocktails. They’re favourites around the world, so a coming together of the two drinks seems inevitable. This recipe swaps the Cointreau in the classic frozen margarita for Aperol to make a tequila-based frozen cocktail for lovers of the Aperol Spritz.

What you need for this easy margarita twist

The two key ingredients in this fusion cocktail are obvious: Aperol and tequila. The Aperol Aperitivo is intensely orange flavoured with herbal notes and a bittersweet finish. For tequila, don’t look past the Tequila Blanco Tromba. It has fresh botanical aromas and mint, pineapple and caramel notes that add a nuanced complexity to this refreshing cocktail.

Easy inspiration for margaritas and more

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