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This fruity punch takes Japanese vodka on a tropical holiday

If you like premium vodka more than piña coladas, give this pineapple punch a try – made with Haku craft vodka, it’s a creamy and refreshing crowd pleaser.


Right now retro cocktails are having their time in the sun, and the big batch cocktail is still the life of the party. Here’s a summer punch recipe that captures the best of both – it brings tropical vibes to the occasion, with lots of lime juice and mint to cut through and complement the sweet pineapple flavours. There’s a cheeky hit of creaminess from the coconut, but it’s still dairy free. Above all, it’s delicious and a total breeze to make.

How to make a summer pineapple punch

Ingredients (serves 8)

4 cups (1L) pineapple juice

1½ cups (375ml) Haku Vodka

½ cup (125ml) lime juice

Ice cubes, to serve

Pineapple slices, to serve

Lime slices, to serve

Mint sprigs, to serve

½ cup (125ml) coconut cream


1. Combine the pineapple juice, vodka and lime juice in a large serving jug or punch bowl with ice.

2. Arrange the pineapple slices, lime slices and mint sprigs in the jug or bowl. Drizzle with the coconut cream. Pour or ladle into glasses to serve.

Make your summer fruit punch with 100% Japanese white rice vodka

A 2021 Vintage Cellars Best Of Award winner, Haku Vodka is made in Osaka, Japan by leading spirits maker House of Suntory using white rice grown in the Kagoshima prefecture. With a name meaning “white” or “brilliant” in Japanese, this craft spirit is filtered through bamboo charcoal for a clean, subtly sweet taste. With delicate floral aromas from the rice, it’s ideal on its own or in any vodka cocktail.

Tasty snacks to serve with fruity punch

Keep it relaxed when it comes to food pairings for this creamy pineapple punch. Think summer finger food, such as sticky chicken or pork skewers, barbecued prawns, cured salmon, fish tacos or corn chips and smoky salsa.


You can also use this cocktail as the inspiration for whipping up a celebration dessert such as a tropical Eton mess. Whip 300ml thickened cream and fold in 500g coconut yoghurt, then combine with lightly crushed meringue and thinly sliced fresh pineapple soaked in vodka and lime juice. Serve in cocktail glasses, garnished with mint leaves.