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Welcome your guests with a watermelon tequila-politan

The must-try cosmo twist of the season, our zesty watermelon tequila-politan is the festive party cocktail you’ll want to make all summer long.


You’ll get no complaints when you serve up a classic cocktail to your party guests, of course – they’re classics for a reason – but it’s also fun to take those favourites and put a twist on them that grabs everyone’s attention. This easy watermelon tequila-politan is part marg, part cosmo, with watermelon-spiked tequila creating an irresistible summer drink.

How to make a watermelon tequila-politan

Ingredients (serves 1)

Ice cubes, to serve

45ml El Sueno Watermelon Liqueur

15ml Cointreau liqueur

30ml cranberry juice

30ml lime juice

Mr Consistent Cocktail Florals Bartender Blend, to serve


1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the watermelon liqueur, Cointreau, cranberry juice and lime juice. Shake until well combined and chilled.

2. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with cocktail florals.

Try a new fruit-flavoured tequila liqueur

Watermelon cocktails look great on summer menus, but in the kitchen handling all that juicy fruit can get messy. With a bottle of El Sueno Watermelon Liqueur on your table, you can whip up great-tasting watermelon cocktails without the need for a blender or juicer. Sustainably made with El Sueno Silver craft tequila and natural fruit flavours, this delicate pink liqueur is ideal for shaking into fuss-free margaritas. It’s also great for sipping on its own or topped with soda in a spritz.

Dress up your tequila cocktail recipes

This cocktail tastes great on its own, but to make it stand out from the crowd you’ll want to add a garnish to the glass. We’ve used edible botanicals to bring the outdoors in and dress this cocktail for a balmy evening. Want to go classic? Try a simple twist of citrus rind instead.

More easy watermelon entertaining ideas

Watermelon is one of the season’s hottest flavours and there are plenty of easy drink options to choose from, including seltzers, ready-to-drink cocktails and other bottled spirits such as rum or vodka. Fresh watermelon is also fantastic for no-cook finger food – thread cubes of watermelon onto cocktail skewers with cherry bocconcini and Sicilian olives, or try a combo of watermelon and feta cubes, cooked prawns and cucumber ribbons.